Finding Hidden Login Endpoint Exposing Secret `Client ID`

  • Feb 16, 2021: Submitted the Initial Report as stated above.
  • Feb 18, 2021: HackerOne Team Triaged The Report.
  • Feb 24, 2021: Internal Team Reviewing the Report and Investigating the Submitted Issue.
  • Feb 26, 2021: Internal Team Want to Know How I Discovered The Endpoint.
  1. If you navigate to you will get an error message stating No client id found.
  2. From the above error I resulted that there should be a parameter named client_id or clientid.
  3. Simple Google Dorking: inurl:client_id.
  4. Found the login endpoint and the client_id value:
  • If you found an Endpoint hiding the Login form and then you managed to find the hidden Login Form then this is highly possible to be a valid bug. Try identifying additional bug in the discovered Login form and report it.
  • At first, I didn’t know that the client_id that I discovered is secret until I saw the internal team’s comment. So try to be creative and curious about any word commented by the internal team.
  • Notice the power of Google Dorks. I found the hidden login page by using a Google Dork to search for the client_id value.



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Ahmad Halabi

Ahmad Halabi

Cyber Security Specialist | Hacker | Founder at Cybit Sec | Managing Director at Resecurity®.